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Essentials for Vision Therapy Success
Strictly business: how to set up, start or expand Vision Therapy practices

July 29-30, 2017

At the office of
Monika Spokas, O.D.
Clarendon Vision Development Center
760 Pasquinelli Dr., Ste300
Westmont IL, 60559


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This is a remarkable business course that gives you a clear roadmap to starting or expanding a vision therapy practice.  The 12 hour course leads you step by step through the system we've taught for decades.  Learn the systematic way of operating that you'll find in the top VT practices everywhere.  Stop struggling to figure it all out by yourself.

Everything from costs to marketing, to how to conduct the key patient interactions that result in very high sign up rates.  It is everything about having a winning vision therapy practice they didn't teach you in optometry school. 

Every practice has a system in place for handling patient flow, but not all systems are created equal.  If there are things you don't like about how your practice runs, this course will provide what you need to fix them.  This course will eliminate years of frustration and expensive trial and error learning.  It is a must for any doctor starting a new practice, expanding vision therapy, or starting VT in a primary care setting.  As a client, Julie Ryan, O.D., FCOVD, Irvine CA said, "You don't have to do this alone."

Like all our courses, if you decide to do a full consultation, you get a credit on the balance for your full course tuition.

The Essentials course is delivered in 6 structured segments of various lengths.  There is ample of time for questions and discussion.  This is a business course , however it does address some clinical considerations.

 Segment 1:   The market for VT; escape managed care;  startup projections for VT; facility requirements; insurance issues; pricing strategies; profit margins; private pay only.  KEY DEMO:  Up Down Reader.

 Segment 2:  Communicating the VT Message;  explanation vs experience; power of observable signs; the communication protocol that works; inviting to take action;  preview of the practice flow map.  KEY DEMO:  Double Vision Demos.

 Segment 3:  Overview of how to organize the practice; the critical first contact; the system map of the step-by-step-by-step Lecoq system; VT with primary care/VT only (care tracks).  KEY DEMO:  Why saccades count.

 Segment 4:  The Structure mapped out; details of each step; staff actions; what to say at each step; the sign up process; patient/parent orientation; setting up a VT space.  KEY DEMO:  Near Point of Discomfort.

 Segment 5:  Marketing Vision Therapy; workshops & community outreach; what to say; how to set up talks and events; electronic outreach; teacher outreach; build referral sources.  KEY DEMO: Pursuits and Mixed Letters.

 Segment 6;  The staff run practice; the key employees & what they do; roles and hiring guide; training resources for therapists; leadership vs management; doctor freedom; QA and completion.

There are no other courses like this, so we think you may wish to know more about what you will get in this course.  So HERE is a detailed course outline so you can see for yourself exactly what's in this course for you. And, every course is tailored to the needs of the doctor.  One size does NOT fit all.


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