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For VT Success




The course is also available in a private version at your office
Or as part of our complete consultation package

If you're thinking about starting or expanding VT.  Or if you're a client who wants to refresh your understanding of the system, including what you missed or forgot, then this is the course for you.

If you're not certain about enrolling in this course, contact Amee Lecoq.  Ask more questions, discuss your practice plans and situation.  Don't miss this course.  Amee Lecoq, idealvt1@verizon.net, 760-686-4648, call to set a time to talk.

What you can expect from the Essentials Course


The Essentials course is delivered in 6 structured segments of various length.  There is ample of time for questions and discussion.  This is a business course, not clinical. 

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Section 1:   The market for VT;  startup expenses and income expectations for VT; facility requirements; insurance issues; pricing strategies; profit margins; going all private-pay. 
KEY DEMO:  Up Down Reader.

Section 2:  Communicating the VT Message;  explanation vs experience; power of observable signs; the communication protocol that works; inviting to take action;  preview of the practice flow map. 
KEY DEMO:  Double Vision Demos.

Section 3; The Structure mapped out; details of each step; staff actions; what to say at each step; the sign up process; patient/parent orientation; setting up a VT space. 
KEY DEMO:  Near Point of Discomfort.

Section 4:  Triage the critical first contact; the system map of the step-by-step-by-step Lecoq system; VT with primary care/VT only (care tracks).  
KEY DEMO:  Why saccades count.

Section 5:   Marketing Vision Therapy; workshops & community outreach; what to say; how to set up talks and events; electronic outreach; teacher outreach; build referral sources. 
KEY DEMO: Pursuits and Mixed Letters.

Section 6:  The staff run practice; the key employees & what they do; details of the critical role of Vision Therapy Administrator in enrollment, marketing and patient interactions; Plus our hiring guide and roles guide.

Section 7:  Marketing and Demo documents and guides.

Section 8:  A variety of documents to support training and implementation.


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Demonstrations and "Free Offers"

Copyright Notice:  All but the 30 question list are covered by copyright and may not be redistributed or included in any publication without express permission of Thomas D. Lecoq.  Feel free to use any of these materials in your own practice or to share with others a link to this page where they may download the material.  All other rights are reserved by Thomas D. Lecoq

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