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   Practice Development


How we work makes all the difference:

We provide clients with a complete, professional, comprehensive practice development system that includes all required marketing, patient communication and patient management materials, reports, publicity material, handouts, specialized supportive forms and a concise, step-by-step-by-step methodology for practice building.  (Set up a free initial consultation.)

Your choice:  We have a very flexible consultation process. You can choose whether to do the full consultation, or do it course by course.  You save money by electing for the full consultation up front. Or we can develop a specific plan for your office and situation, whatever serves you best.

Rapid Return on Investment:  Most of our clients report making back the entire cost of the consultation within 8 to 16 weeks.

A major difference:
We realized early on that just training the doctor to do a better job of "selling" VT wasn't nearly enough.  For a great, thriving practice, a global approach is needed.  Changing the way a practice operates requires motivation and commitment.  Doctors and staff in vision therapy are rarely motivated by money alone.  From the first moment of our training, you will feel and hear a strong focus on putting the wellbeing of the patient before all other considerations.  We find that good-hearted, well trained staff are usually eager to use this new way of operating.  This emphasis on team is a major difference between us and all other consultants.  This is one of many areas in which Lecoq Practice Development - Ideal VT - excels.  

Our basic package, step by step:
Every practice is different.  The following outline is a typical pattern, but the sequence and details are often varied according to the individual doctor's situation.

Step 1)  We provide phone consultation and send materials to prepare you to get the most from working with us.

Step 2)  Soon after initiating the consultation, you spend two days with either Thomas or Amee Lecoq going through our Essentials For VT Success Course.  This provides the opportunity to see the entire Lecoq Practice Development system laid out, in private, in advance of the on site training.  You will  be able to freely discuss issues, personnel, financial and policy outside the presence of staff.  We suggest your most important support person, spouse, manager, etc., attend as well.  This course is normally done off site, away from the distractions of the practice.  During this session, we work out how best to personalize the consultation for you and your particular practice.  At this session, we provide our manuals and an abundance of computer files of forms, materials, interviews, etc.. 

Step 3) You attend our More Patients Breakthrough Course in which you and key staff learn to communicate the VT message in a way that has listeners book exams, refer or enroll in therapy.   We recommend you do a group course to benefit from the group dynamic, but you may instead schedule a 2-day private course at your office.  If you do the private course, we stay for a third day to teach the intake process so your efforts immediately translate into booked evaluations.  If you do the private course, the third day generally includes training the Vision Therapy Administrator in basics of community outreach, and a session on case presentation.

Step 4) On-Site Consultation & Training:  We come to your office for 3 to 4 working days--depending on whether you did the 3 day group MP course or the private course.  These work days provide hands-on doctor and staff training in the major aspects of the system.   This increases your effectiveness because we can focus on the details of developing and implementing your plan, in your office, in your community, with your staff.   We provide a System Manual that details the key interactions in the system, along with videos you can use to train new staff in the future.  (If you do the public course, this additional training day is added to this visit.)

We usually take a day off between days 2 and 3 of the onside visit for you to catch up, see patients, and to give everyone a mental break.   We make special arrangements on occasion to best fit with a doctor's schedule or situation. 

During your consultation, we will provide an abundance of additional marketing and community outreach materials, videos, scripts, press releases, and advanced mailing materials to help make the implementation and external/internal marketing easier and more successful.  These files currently consist of several hundred documents that you will use over time for practice building.  You will also receive a number of written guides you can use in the future to train new staff in the details of the Lecoq Practice Development system.  (To have this material produced for you own practice by an independent PR person would cost between $10,000 to $20,000.)

Group courses on site:

Implementation Support:
We also provide a year of personalized phone training and support:  Our basic package includes 12 months of coaching and advanced phone or Skype training and support calls.  These calls are designed to walk doctor and staff through the process of implementing the system.  Doctor and key staff will get help as needed with implementing system elements. 

We can provide additional phone training of new or replacement staff (up to 2 hours at a time) when necessary during the first year.  Longer training sessions for new staff in key roles after that are available at a moderate fee.  It is in our interest to see that you succeed, so we are generous with support.  We suggest future employees also attend the More Patients Breakthrough Course so everyone tells the same story to patients.  Tuition is charged at the staff rate.  Newly hired managers are encouraged to take the Essentials for VT Success course and staff tuition rates.

Practical skills, not just good ideas:  
We believe that the most important outcome any consultant can produce is to have doctor and staff produce results immediately.  We don't merely leave you with a checklist of things to do on your own.  At the end of each step, doctor and staff will be able to perform the critical steps of our system.  During your first appointment call or very next exam, you'll be able to start using what you've learned. 

Staff development:   
The most precious asset in any practice is doctor chair time.  That's why we emphasize staff training and development.  How would it be if you knew that 90-95 percent of all the patients you saw for therapy exams would sign up for VT?  How would it be if you could just focus on the child or adult patient's need for help because all time, money and insurance issues were already handled by staff?  When staff properly prepares the patient for your step by step by step process, doctors tell us that putting patients into VT is much easier and insurance issues fade away.  The purpose of all conversations is to have the parent or patient know vision is the problem and that you have the solution.   Money, time and transportation issues are handled before the first visit so doctor doesn't have to use hard sell or struggle to overcome objections.

Marketing know-how and materials:  
During our time in the course and in your office, we teach your Vision Therapy Administrator and an assistant how to conduct community outreach and in-office marketing.  This highly professional approach to generating new patients and a network of patients, professionals and educators who refer causes growth to occur at a pace you set.  It works over the long term to produce a steady flow of new and referred patients by getting your message before all possible people, groups and media in your area.  We show you exactly how to do it, give you the materials and teach your staff what to say for maximum impact.  Your staff becomes a revenue center for your practice.  See Marketing for details.

Handling resistant staff or sabotage: 
We occasionally encounter a staffer who becomes an uncooperative roadblock to growth.   A few clients have even had staff who possessed "irreplaceable" skills who used their "power" to stifle growth and change.  Although uncommon, we find that this kind of person will either quit or can be marginalized, or encouraged to leave the practice and replaced.  Our phone support includes working with you to resolve personnel and other situations.  We recommend our therapist training associate, Lyna Dyson (COVT of the year for 2009) so that you can develop replacements fast.    (For details see our Training page)

Notebooks, Forms, Marketing Materials and Manuals: 
As a client put it, we not only give you the plan and skills to build whatever kind of practice you want, we also give you all the nuts and bolts needed to do it!   We've spent  3 decades expanding and improving our system for growing a VT practice. The result is not only great teaching and consulting, but also a rich body of printed materials (forms, handouts, demos, invitations, press releases, How-to guides for key system methods, scripts, how-to sheets, letters, etc.) totaling hundreds of pages.  All materials are installed on your computer so you can modify them for immediate use.

Reference notebooks:
We supply you with seven notebooks containing a wealth of materials to support growing your practice.  They give you a detailed, ready reference to every area of our system so you can keep growing for years after your consultation and training ends. You receive the notebooks a few weeks before our visit so you can get a head start. These also help you educate new staff as you grow.

Your notebooks cover:
1) Sign-Up Process: Step by step by step guide, checklist and materials to help you raise and keep sign up rates high.

2) System Guides:  Detailed walk through of every critical interaction in the system.  Both the principles and scripts are combined to make perfectly clear what each staff person does and says at each step.  From the initial phone call to the parent orientation,  Powerful empathetic language that guides parents and patients to be certain that vision is the problem and that you have the solution.  Also includes material for generating O.D. referrals.  Designed to allow future training and development of new hires.  We love to help train new staff, but we believe it is in our clients' best interest NOT to be dependent on our services.

3) Community Outreach Marketing: Guide to getting the word out in a way that has patients arriving seeking vision therapy. Media, groups, educators, parents, professionals in a position to refer--how to reach them, how to set up talks and inservices, how to build and keep your referral network active (for more detail, see our Marketing page).

4) Talks & Workshops: The centerpiece of marketing.  The purpose of talks and workshops is to generate appointments for evaluations and to have candidate patients enrolled in therapy. This guide covers what to say, how to interact, and how to use our amazingly effective R.T.E.C. communications steps to trigger sign-ups WITHOUT selling or pressure. Handouts, publicity, guides to setting up talks, scripts, and how to follow up for maximum impact.

4) Exam and Multiple Rx: Case presentation in the chair to generate high patient compliance. Our amazing "Talk" for the chair and our exclusive Multiple Rx method that dramatically increases multiple prescriptions without selling. Includes time tested case presentation forms, history forms that uncover behavioral vision problems, demonstrations, and how to book VT exams routinely during your case presentation. .

5) Reports: Checklist/report order forms, complete content of automated reports, guide to automating your favorite existing reports. Keep at your desk to keep ahead of the flood of reports growth generates.  We supply a simple computer application called "NETwork" to help handle basic reports and several other marketing functions.

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