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What is the ideal scene for your VT Practice?

By Thomas and Amee Lecoq

OK Doctor, What Do You Really Want?

Last issue we talked about employees who sabotage their doctors dreams for their practices.

The basic cure for that is two fold.  1) The doctor having, and expressing a clear vision of what they want for their practice.  2) The doctor’s constant insistence and training so that everyone moves the practice toward their vision.

If those two things are missing or vague, or if training and development is inadequate or hit and miss, then the staff will drift away from the vision to what they’re willing to do.  For some of you, this sounds familiar, particularly if you have a rebellious leader among your staff.

What’s the solution?  Here’s a process we ask all our clients to go through: What’s Your “Optimal Scene.”

Start with the end.  Take the time to think through exactly how you want your practice and your life to be.  Forget about how you’ll get there for now.  Close your eyes and imagine your ideal practice at the end of a perfect day.  Imagine what kind of patient’s you’d be seeing.  Kids in VT?  Adults in rehab?  A mix of primary care and VT? 

How many patients did you see that day?  A lot or just a few?  Did you have to hard sell them on VT, or did they arrive ready to go?   How about your office.  Was it pleasant and professional, or kind of homey?  If you have small children, is there a safe space for them in the back?  What color(s) do you want surrounding you all day?  Imagine the waiting room for parents, chairs, a sofa, padded bench?  Is there a safe and quiet play area for little ones?

Write all this down, maybe even collect pictures that represent the details of your vision.  The more detail you add (without concern for how you’ll accomplish it), the better for you and your key staff.

As our new Essentials Plus course suggests, you can get plenty of help to make your vision real.  But without the vision, it’s easy to drift, to patch together a little of this and of that, bits you hear at meetings and from doctor friends.   And you’ll wind up with something you may not want.

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Once you  have your vision of what you want, begin expressing it.  Not as an idle wish, but clearly and boldly so everyone who years it knows you’re serious about having it.  Look to the aspects of the practice that miss the mark, or seem to be taking you away from your ideal scene.  And begin the process of training and rehearsal to get everyone in action to have it.

Remember the old movies where Andy Hardy exclaimed, “I know, let’s put on a show!”  Then the case broke out into a 3 minute, knock-out, coordinated song and dance number.  What they didn’t see was the 2-3 weeks of rehearsal and years of performance training that made the number look effortless.

Without rehearsal, lines get bungled, dancers trip over each other and fall, the song is full of sour notes and disharmony.  It always takes the director some time to sort it all out and get everyone performing at their peak.

Well doctor, you have two roles in your practice, the “star” who performs miracles with patients, and the “director” who makes sure the practice matches the ideal scene. 

No doctor I’ve ever worked with wanted to take the time to lay out a map of the intake, exam and sign up process they really want (which is why we did it for them).  Some actually think giving 15 minutes of what to say to a parent on the first phone call should be enough.  It’s the single most important conversation you or your staff will ever have with a parent or prospective patient.  Done right (listening and talking about how their vision problem affects their life), is actually patient preparation in our system and the key to seeing parents and adults who already know the problem is vision and you have the solution, BEFORE they reach your exam room.

For those who’ve attended our courses and our many clients, they know that on the critical elements of our system, we go over what to say many times and in many ways.  We even give clients a full set of videos of key steps, and workshop attendees receive select videos and scripts to rehears and to train and to develop staff.

If  8-10 hours of rehearsal would double your enrollment rate (and profits). Would you schedule and make time to rehearse until you were facile at it?  Very few doctors will do that, let alone schedule time to develop staffs’ ability to prepare patients for what’s to come. 

Amee and I are both strong on systems.  With them in place you get to help more patients, to go home at night, to never have to accept another insurance plan.  That’s the payoff for making rehearsal a regular part of your weekly professional life.  The cost is the investment of time and patience, the willingness to insist that things go your way, according to your  plan for fulfilling your vision. 

This doesn’t mean you have to become the forceful bad cop and beat everyone up.   It just means that when the opportunity occurs, you share the vision and your insistence that it be fulfilled.  The staff who pursue it with you share the joy of rooms full of happy kids and adults who finally get the VT help that gives them a wonderful new life. 

The staff who want to go another way, well, maybe they’d be happier somewhere else.  Some of the most powerful people we know speak softly, inviting people to enjoy the new way with them.  And they are often very understanding of how uncomfortable it is to adopt new ways, yet insist on adopting and perfecting them anyway.

Will you do that?  Well, here’s your first consulting checkup.  Accept our invitation to sit down and think through how you’d like a great day at the office to be?   Forget worrying about how you’ll get there!  Get a notebook out and write down what you visualize.  Share it, with your spouse, partners, key staff.  Repeat over several days and add details to your list.   Contact Amee or Thomas and share it.

Once you see the end clearly, solutions become obvious.  When you compare what is, to your vision, you’ll quickly see what needs to change.


Amee and I both hope you’ll break out of the comfortable daily routine and come to one of our Essentials for VT Success, or More Patients Breakthrough Course.  Learn the practical methods you need to know.  And watch for our new Advanced Marketing Course.

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