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Presented by the Ideal Vision Institute, a not-for-profit organization devoted to increasing the number of VT ODs

Quick Start Vision Therapy Course

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At the office of course leader
Philip Bugaiski, O.D. FCOVD
The Developmental Vision Center

The Main Office
10210 Berkeley Place Drive  Suite 200

Charlotte, NC
Co-Leaders, Thomas or Amee Lecoq for the business and marketing segments


Contact Amee Lecoq to learn more or to enroll,
at idealvt1@verizon.net

 Enroll via FAX using form on the back of the brochure
Or enroll by phone at 949-244-3214

Thousands of optometrists have an interest in vision therapy, but are uncertain about starting.  Concern about whether they have sufficient clinical knowledge holds many interested doctors back.  Being uncertain about how to set up, staff, train and operate and market a successful VT practice, but still want to?  Then this is the course for you.

Imagine a rushing river, rushed primary care ODs dealing with increasing economic pressures on one side, happy VT ODs on the other.  There are some rocks in the stream, but it's quite a leap to reach the first one  The Ideal Vision Institute is designed to be the first rock, near the shore and within easy to reach.   

The Ideal Vision Institute is designed to help optometrists get past those obstacles so they can get started.  The clinical course is two weekends that start with the knowledge ODs already have, and build on that.  

Our IVI team hope you'll enroll and get started today. 

The course provides direct and focused information on testing and treatment of the most common vision problems that interfere with a child or adult's ability to read, learn, comprehend and even pay attention.  The course features brand new, easily understood materials and hands-on instruction in small groups.  The purpose is to give you what you need to support a rapid and successful startup.  Systematic and thorough, the course includes a complete program of care for what we call, "Sweet Spot Kids,"  a basic skills case.

The course takes two 3-day weekends, about 2 months apart, to give you time to try out your new skills with patients between course sessions.   One very special feature of the course are management, marketing and patient communication sessions, a much neglected area that can mean the difference between success and floundering.  For example, what is the best target market to approach (it's not what you think), and even how to set fees for therapy.

By the end of the first weekend, participants will be able to perform basic in chair testing for binocular vision problems, and to perform basic vision therapy with their patients.  They will also learn how to present the case in the chair so that parents or adult patients come to see for themselves that vision is their problem and that YOU have the solution. 

The second weekend walks doctors and staff (therapists and Vision Therapy Administrator) through additional and "perceptual" testing procedures.  This weekend trains you and staff to perform the more advanced therapy procedures.  More training is provided for marketing therapy as well as an open session to discuss your particular practice concerns.

The focus is on "sweet spot kids," relatively uncomplicated cases with no significant developmental delays or pathology.  This kind of case should make up 85-90 percent of your therapy case load.  The learning "grid" gives you a solid approach to treatment.  The extensive and detailed documentation enables you to train new therapists as you need them.  The management and marketing system, plus materials and guides you'll need to get started, are all included.  And because the course is structured with adequate open time, plus phone access to instructors, you can handle issues unique to your situation. 

Is there really a market for VT?  Can you expect to be successful financially as well as having professional satisfaction in the VT specialty?  We hold the course in successful practices so you can see for yourself that the answer to both questions is a resounding YES.


The greatest unserved public in optometry

At least 1 in 4 school age children fail one or more tests of visual skills required for learning, according to a recent study.  Tens of millions of children and adults have binocular and learning related vision problems, but fewer than a quarter million will ever receive the therapy they need in any given year.  There are just not enough ODs offering this specialty service.

This is the greatest underserved patient population of all.  And there is no area of the country that is NOT underserved for vision therapy.   Small towns, big cities, it doesn't matter, because as few as 125 VT patients will produce a million dollar gross with margins between 45 and 55 percent.  And that gives VT ODs a great deal of freedom for family, teaching, volunteering or other activities.  Of course, you could do what many VT ODs do, handle more cases, build satellite offices to serve more people, quickly pay off college loans, or build up a college fund so your children won't need loans.

Vision therapy practice offers an opportunity for freedom and financial independence unmatched by any other specialty.  Step out of the path of the managed care and optical industry juggernaut.   Be free to spend time with family instead of doing endless VCP paperwork.  Restore appropriate profitability.  Enjoy being a doctor again. 

Experience the joy of watching your patients transform from unhappy problem kids to shining stars in school and life.  Talk to any VT OD and you'll find that patient experience is the best part of vision therapy practice.

And if you're thinking of bringing another doctor aboard to add VT to your practice, this is a great course to empower them to succeed.


The Ideal Vision Institute (IVI) is an independent, not for profit organization devoted to increasing the number of ODs who practice vision therapy.   It is separate from Lecoq Practice Development, (LPD) although IVI includes key portions of the LPD system.  LPD offers courses and consultation that focus on the business, marketing and communications aspects of VT practice.   For more information on these, visit these pages...
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