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   Practice Development
What they didn't teach you in optometry school


        The Key to VT Practice Success

The myth:  Build it and THEY will come. 

Works in the movies, but in real life that expression is a dud!  In a real-life Vision Therapy practice you need to do active marketing. 

If you don't, your practice will languish or Yo-Yo up and down from profitable and busy to losing money and laying off therapists.  You have to reach out and connect with people so they know vision is the issue they're dealing with, that you have the solution, then book an evaluation. 

But where can you go to learn the practical art and practices of marketing, applied to a professional, ethical VT practice?

Lecoq Practice Development has been helping VT practices start and thrive for 38 years.  Now, we're offering a 3 day marketing course that fills a long unfilled need:  How to Market a VT practice. 

This NEW Lecoq Method course focuses for three days on teaching you and key staff what they didn't teach you in optometry school.  All the methods, materials and fresh ideas you need to conduct powerful and effective community outreach, generate a steady flow of patients, build an active referral network WITHOUT resorting to hard sell or emotional manipulation.

By the course's end, you'll have our marketing system, a specific plan, materials and exact steps to produce a steady flow of new patients.  Parents and adults who arrive with issues handled and eager to start therapy.

You'll learn how to use public relations, social and conventional media, in fact scores of specific ways to reach out to your community and generate patients.  We'll work through both classical and state of the art public relations methods and rehearse how to execute them.  We'll brainstorm with participants to develop the ability to identify the endless marketing opportunities most people overlook.

Are you heard on the radio, seen on TV, read in print?  Are you a key person in local support groups full of parents looking for solutions?  Are you highly visible in social media groups focused on kids with academic problems?  Do you know the best way to generate patients from local schools?  Do you have a specific intake process that captures the people that you reach and supports them through the enrollment process?

In this seminar you'll learn how to do all of that, not in theory, but in practical steps you can implement starting the day after the Seminar. 

Special Feature:  During the course, each practice will develop a 12 month action plan, filled with specific projects and ideas for making VT thrive in your practice.  Month by month, you'll gather the ideas and methods using our project and idea planning forms so you can manage and execute your plan.

Above all, this is a practical course.  The main focus in on public relations methods, low or no cost methods that produce patients.  The foundation is the method the Lecoqs have taught for decades, plus the infusion of energy, variety and genius that always emerges from our group processes.

We Recommend the doctor bring staff who are being considered for marketing duties.  This is the only place where you can take a VT specific course on marketing.  Our methods are professional and friendly.  No selling required or allowed.  No cold calling to peddle your services.  No wasting your time and money on notions that just don't produce patients

Here is an outline of the course.  It doesn't include the brainstorming and personalized coaching sessions that will vitalize your practice til the day you retire, and a system that will dramatically increase its value for sale to another OD.

 Download the flyer for a list of what we will cover, and some of the marketing materials you will receive and develop during guided brainstorming sessions with fellow participants. 


Don't you just love it when a parent arrives ready to sign up for therapy before the first exam? We provide the tools and training to make that happen all the time. We have a sophisticated yet simple to execute system of internal and external marketing that meets the highest professional standard, does not include any selling, and has proven its worth over two decades of development and use.  (Set up a free consultation.)

We train you and your staff to get the message out in a way that has people arrive seeking VT, ready to sign up for exams and therapy. Plus you get our NETwork software and a slew of materials, flyers, PR materials- with training and a full year of extensive phone support for how to use it!

Turn Staff Into Income Producers: Our method, software and training turns a staff member into a valuable resource who actually generates revenue. No other training we know of provides such a powerful and useful staff development opportunity. One or two marketing successes can pay back the entire cost of the consultation! Extremely fast and high ROI.

Build a Referral Network: You'll learn exactly how to build a network of parents, educators and professionals who refer- how to find, contact and activate new referral sources you didn't know existed- and you'll get the training and system you need to keep that network active, informed and referring, plus extensive phone support as you implement it.

Reach Out To The Community: One in seven Americans work in a field related to child care and education. About 1 in 14 are involved in schooling our young people. Almost all clubs, groups, agencies and organizations are made up of parents and many have missions directly related to helping young people succeed. We'll teach your staff person exactly what how to reach out to and inform this vast body of people in your area. You'll learn what messages work, what to focus on first, and how to make the most productive efforts you can make. We'll supply you with exactly the materials you need to get the opportunity to speak to groups, and our NETwork software will enable you to record and stay in touch with all your high-potential contacts.

Free Media Coverage: Getting your message into newspapers, periodicals, and on radio and TV is always great. We'll show you how to get that coverage with a minimum of effort, and then how to maximize the results from media coverage. We even supply illustrated flyers and press releases for all your workshops and talks.

Talks And Workshops: No other single marketing and community outreach effort has the impact of this approach. We'll teach you to do a talk that is comfortable, professional, and centered on exactly what a particular group or audience needs to know. Our "Talk" produces sign-ups for exams and enrollments into VT, not merely an informed public (which never acts on their knowledge). Even doctors who are uncomfortable with public speaking soon enjoy giving this natural, low-key talk.  You'll learn this in our wonderful 3-day More Patients Breakthrough Course, which can be taken alone, or is included in every consultation.  Read about the course here: Courses   Read reviews of the course here:  Course Reviews 

Therapy Candidate Contact: Most practices have a long list of "candidates" for therapy who have not signed up or have dropped out of therapy, who are never contacted again. We'll teach you to use our easy point and click system to keep in contact and have many come in to start and complete therapy.

Educator Referrals: Most doctors are frustrated over getting educators to start referring. We'll show you a step-by-step way to make that happen with both private and public schools.

Home Schoolers: These parents have their priorities in order when it comes to their children. We teach you exactly how to reach this amazing group of people both through the secular and sectarian channels. Home schooling parents who find out about VT are among the top 3 sources of ongoing referrals.

How To Make Contact: Most doctors and staff meet hundreds of people each year who can help get children and adults who need help into your practice, yet few practices capture this information and fewer still ever make contact. We'll teach you and your staff exactly how to turn random contacts into productive referral sources, using simple, practical methods without a trace of selling or manipulation.

Practical, Systematic: Paul Harris, O.D., FCOVD, once said that in order to have a strong vision therapy practice, you need to have a system of communications in place to make sure that every patient (and community contact) gets the same strong message every time and at every step of the way. That is a perfect description of what we provide and train you and your staff to do.

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