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      NETwork program:


At this time, we are considering replacing NETwork with the same materials in other formats.  NETwork runs best on 32 bit operating systems.  Some 64 bit versions have been problematic after some automatic updates were installed.


NETwork is our exclusive software package that makes expanding a vision therapy practice easier. NETwork simplifies important marketing and reporting elements of our practice development system. It helps you and your staff build and sustain an active network of parents, educators and professionals who refer with a minimum of effort. (Set up a free consultation.)

NETwork supports marketing even with other consultants methods.

Patient Reports: NETwork contains several report formats that let doctors complete a report in 3 minutes or less. It also allows you to automate and combine your favorite report with all the names and addresses of recipients and patients.

Reports give you access to all the people in your community who work with children. Plus, they introduce you in the most powerful way, through a mutual patient, student or client. We’ll teach your staff to do a professional "report interview" to identify the maximum number of contacts, each of which goes into your NETwork list for ongoing future contact we call "the drip."

Workshops, Flyers: NETwork automatically delivers complete, illustrated workshop flyers with date, time and location by clicking a few buttons. You get 27 different topics, A.D.D., computers and vision, learning and reading problems, TBI/brain injury, myopia control and three levels of teacher inservices.

Workshop Certificates, Thank You Letters: Follow-up is important. After each workshop, use NETwork’s point and click Certificates section to send an attendance certificate and cover letter to every person who attended. Reinforces your message in a professional, low-key way.

Mailings: Identifying potential referral sources is step one, but you must keep in touch with referral sources, graduate parents and potential professional referral sources to make the effort worthwhile. Most practices rarely contact these precious sources because it’s just too much trouble. With NETwork, this kind of mailing is completed in a few minutes. We show you quick and easy methods to cut the effort, and we guide you in finding material to send.

Keep in touch and referrals keep rolling. And you can use this feature to keep in contact with those "candidate" patients who need therapy, but couldn’t or didn’t enroll when seen. Honestly, when was the last time you contacted this high-potential pool VT patients?

NETwork lets you use simple point and click screen forms to select who will get your material, no special programming required. You can write your own letters or use the ones in NETwork as is or as templates to start from. You can even cut and paste existing letters into NETwork so your routine patient and other correspondence can be automated.

Free Media Coverage: NETwork contains a media section plus short meeting announcements. We teach your staff marketing person to use these to get free media, to initiate feature stories and get you on TV and radio. We also supply several "fill in the blank" news feature releases to get your PR effort rolling.

Payment Book: A secret weapon to enable just about everyone to do vision therapy. This idea from Beth Ballinger, O.D., FCOVD, Newport, CA., lets you print a payment book for patients who have no other option for care. Dr. Ballinger found this method actually produces higher revenue than giving discounts or scholarships and produces a markedly higher VT completion rate. We’ll teach you how.

The NETwork program has undergone continuing development to make it do more versatile while making it easier and more reliable for your staff to use.  The occasional program updates are free via download.

NETwork runs on any Windows 32 bit computer, including the Apple XP virtual machine also runs NETwork extremely well.  The Microsoft emulation only runs on higher end processors that support the Microsoft emulation software, so be sure when you purchase a machine that it is capable of running the XP virtual machine.  We caution you to avoid the 64 bit version of Windows 7 since it has proven to be considerably less stable than the 32 bit version, and many existing programs unique to developmental optometry simply won't run on the 64 bit version.

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