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Therapist training in your office:

How can you get new therapists trained and ready to work immediately?

In addition to the Ideal Vision Institute Quick Start VT Course, meant for ODs and staff, we offer practical, hands-on basic therapist training- in your office! This enables you to get new staff productive quickly without the delay of sending new therapists to a large-group training out of your area. 

Training is done at your office by Lyna Dyson, B.A., COVT- a teacher by training, former principal of a California elementary school, and vision therapist for 2 decades (certified in 1995, honored as COVD therapist of the year).

Lyna brings two qualities to bear with your therapists:
1)-A deep understanding of education and training- she knows whatís needed to make sure the skills and knowledge are firmly grasped and ready to be put to use.
2)-Many years of experience doing therapy and training other therapists.

Each of our concentrated 2-day programs covers distinct areas. Each one covers not only what to do during therapy, but why certain procedures, lenses, prisms, rhythm, and other critical elements of therapy are being applied.

--Training tells you what to do.
--Education tells you why youíre doing it.
--Training plus Education makes parents, patients and therapists feel confident, produces better outcomes, and reduces therapist turnover.

Training Manuals: Each level comes with a thick, complete, detailed manual filled with brand new, edited activities instruction sheets, reprints of key articles on the how and why of therapy, plus forms and resource lists for therapy equipment and devices. (for more detail on manuals, see How We Work.)

Three Levels of training are available from Lyna Dyson:

Vision Therapy I
Introduces vision therapy principles and techniques for accommodative, convergence, or simple skills cases. Therapist is taught to deliver basic level of care and to make it fun.
--Therapists learn basics of lenses, prism, "red-green", polarized filters, and basic training devices.
--Therapists learn by practice and role play how to deliver most common VT procedures and activities- and how to increase levels of demand.
--Notation methods are covered, as well as what behavior or performance indicates a problem.
--Doctor is encouraged in pre-training discussions to add, input, or modify training to conform with principles and approaches unique to his or her philosophy.
--All procedures and educational material is included in a permanent manual that can be used for new therapists later.

Vision Therapy II
Covers therapy for more complex skills, perceptual and learning-related cases. Also covers training procedures with selected instruments, and more advanced use of lenses and prism for therapy.
--Covers instruments, "games", and many other approaches to dealing with visual processing, memory, plus certain gross and fine motor deficiencies.
--Our many techniques cover saccades, eye movement/scanning, and information processing.
--Focus is on developing visual and processing skills that affect and improve academic performance in particular.
--Covers making therapy fun, home activities and techniques, and how to affect behavior and attitude in young people.
--Teaches how to keep parents engaged and committed.

Vision Therapy III
Extensively covers the theory, methods and patient handling for complex cases such as amblyopia, strabismus or head trauma / stroke recovery.
--Covers instruments, techniques and approaches to dealing with patients with these profound problems.
--Emphasis is on a developmental approach to working with this special category of patients.
--Training includes how to deal with patients of all ages, from infant amblyopes to senior citizens recovering from stroke.
--Learn how to incorporate VT with the patientís other supportive therapy, and how to interact with other professions.
--Includes training on how to speak with patients and parents to keep them actively engaged until therapy is completed.

To find out more about therapist training or schedule your training, contact us through our feedback page.

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