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What do past attendees have to say
about their experience of our courses: 

This is a mix of attendees, some have repeated new courses as added.
Many liked them so much, they became clients
Keep your eyes open for a new, comprehensive, advanced marketing course

"This course totally changed how I discuss vision with parents, educators, and the general public.  It is amazing how much better we are at letting a parent know that we understand the depth of their child's vision and learning struggles.  We are better at engaging in discussions of the struggles both at school and at home, and in motivating parents to take the next step in treating the vision problem.  Since taking this course we have had substantial growth in our practice with regular workshops being a central part of our community outreach.  Thank you, Tom and Amee, for helping our practice reach its potential."
                                        --Robert Fox, O.D., FCOVD  NY   More Patients    Client

"This is a phenomenal kick-start when setting up your practice.  It gives direction and a system to a complex issue.  You will feel much more ready to build your dream practice after this course.  Note:  Neil is co-winner of the COVD Making VT Visible award!

                                        --Neil Renaud, O.D.     More Patients   Essentials    Client

"The More Patients Breakthrough Course recalled many things I'd let drop out.  Surprisingly it also gave me great ideas that I can begin using tomorrow.  I would recommend this course for beginners and experienced VT practitioners alike."  (he added the most valuable thing: "Remembering to talk less and listen more.")
                                        --David Cook, O.D., FCOVD, GA  More Patients    Essentials   Client*
                                        David Cook is a frequent host for our courses

The most valuable thing:  "Empathy.  Getting back to caring for helping the patient.  The over-riding experience for me was that of identifying with and empathy for the patient and the family of the patient"
                                        --W. C. Maples, O.D., FCOVD, MS    More Patients

"Great structure, highly fluid presentation.  I'm surprised how easily, quickly and thoroughly we covered SO much material.  Again (the Lecoqs) arranged conditions to allow my staff and us to learn how to effectively communicate the message about the importance of vision in our lives.  I'm excited for my staff to dive in on all the ideas we've generated."
"An empowered staff is priceless - when they know why we do the things we do (building people), and how to do it (the R.T.E.C.), they become very powerful people."
                                        --Phil Bugaiski, O.D., FCOVD, Charlotte, NC  IVI instructor   Client   More Patients

"Thomas and Amee,  You have a wonderful reputation in the developmental vision community.  That said, you have exceeded my high level of expectation.  I was most pleased with the excitement that my staff has for implementing the program so that we can help more and more children and adults reach their true, God given potential."
                                        --Ken Westcott, O.D., Chesapeake, VA   More Patients

"The most valuable lessons learned are those that make one discover that you don't have learn all this on your own.  The information given has been developed over years and is easily applied...it is enjoyable.  There is no threatening and you can take it all and use it without hesitation.  I feel I return to my roots, that I do optometry again."
                                        --Julie Ryan, O.D., Irvine, CA   More Patients   Client   Retired

"The missing link to my optometric vision therapy knowledge.  Now I not only know how to perform therapy, I also can effectively spread the word out to my community so that children with these problems will be recognized and then find help."
                                        --Ron Poulin, O.D., NY    More Patients


"Your program provided a structure and framework to follow instead of trying to work so much by trial and error.  I could have saved a ton of money reinventing the wheel (poorly).  Had I done your program years ago (sic.)...and that's just on stuff I've already done, not even counting the increased revenue from implementing what I've learned this weekend."
---A system for the communication so I can duplicate what I do in the triage (initial patient call) conversation.
---The emphasis on what the patient experiences in a way that isn't manipulative.
---The flow, including how to get people to come to the workshop.
                                        --Amanda Zeller Manley, O.D., FCOVD  

"I like the approach.  I appreciate the non-sell method, because now I understand how effective it can be to implement the protocol.  There is much I still have to digest of the things we learned.  I thank you."

                                        --Richard Bossin, O.D.    More Patients

"The Lecoqs are masters at recognizing the doctors and support staff and helping them to harness those gifts in a way which is organic and for them.  Moreover, their sincere motivation to reach more patients in need of helpl underscores every facet of their course.  The offer the right tools, the right support and the right motivation.

--Samantha Slotnick, O.D., FCOVD    More Patients   Client

"Honestly, it was all impactful!!  Take it!!"
                                        --Ann Westcott  Spouse, Office Manager

"The Lecoqs gave us the skills to double our practice while cutting our stress in half.  Changing childen's lives is more fun than ever."
                                        --David Cook, O.D., FCOVD  Second time More Patients   Essentials

"Loved it; glad we came...initial contact is critical.  Triggering emotions is the key to patient signup."
                                        --Jennifer Kungle, O.D., Pasadena, MD    More Patients

"I think this was a great overall experience.  It changes your way of thinking about your actions and how you manage patients...I learned that you have to show people that vision is a problem, not explain it.  I'm sure I lose people with my talks."
                                        --Lynn Lowell, O.D., Plano, TX   More Patients

"This was a fantastic course for a new practitioner getting ready to start a therapy practice.  The methods of communication presented are easy to implement and make sense.  Role playing helped solidify what I learned.  I highly recommend this course for any doctor who is considering starting a VT practice!  It will give you the tools necessary to bring patients through your door."
                                        --Christina Danley, O.D.  More Patients    Client

"This information consists of necessary wording and demonstrations to have the public KNOW that vision underlies the learning problem."  The most valuable thing learned: "Involve workshop participants rather than (do) a monologue."
                                        --Henry Ettinger, O.D., California   More Patients

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We know doctors want to be certain we are the right choice for consulting help.  Get to know us and sample some of the materials, guides and even occasional videos we provide.  Something new and valuable in every issue of our (occasional) Free E-newsletter. 

"It is all about helping kids.  The talk is not to have participants understand everything, but to be aware.  (The) impact goes on for a lifetime and how valuable is that."
                                        --Chuck Balch, O.D., Charlotte, NC    Retired

"I would say that anyone in this profession 'needs' to have this course.  I came on my first official day on the job, knowing nothing, and feel like I now know so much.  And, I'm eager to begin doing what I have learned."
                                        --Shelley Wood, VT Administrator to Marcus Myers, O.D., Muncy, PA   More Patients

"As someone who has always wanted to understand things, I have sought to make patients understand the problem and how I can solve it.  Although it comes from my heart and out of genuine care for helping others, (this approach) has left me ineffective as a doctor because it isn't what they understand that leads them to do what I recommend.  This course has finally given me the way to let patients know how much I care, and (to) choose the right thing because they KNOW its the right thing.  I can finally reach those I can help much more effectively, and impact many more lives than I thought possible.  Thank you!"
                                        --Heidi Wise, O.D., Lincoln, NE    More Patients

"This is a master communications course.  You will develop the ability to talk to anyone about vision, and (present) choices to make their vision--or their children's vision--so they can live their best life.  You will learn things about yourself that you may or may not already know and get feedback on how to make it better."
                                        --Dr. Participant, Irvine, CA     More Patients

"Hearing Thomas and Amee go through the parts of the course and hearing the use of language as a powerful way to connect with people will help you rethink how you communicate with people more effectively.  You will receive hands-on help and learn to share with your patients that which you want them to know most about what you offer."
                                        --Steve Haleo, O.D., FCOVD, Charlotte, NC     More Patients

"The great script and info of 'The Talk'...will make things so much easier as I transition into a new clinic.  This course has made me a better doctor and will allow me to take better care of my patients--what a gift!  I have learned demos and tips that I will use everyday in seeing even my primary care patients."
                                        --Ashley Schuelke-Reddell, O.D.     More Patients

"I left this course with a much better understanding of how to run a successful VT practice.  But much more important than that, I left this course with a much better understanding of the potential we have to change the life (and world) of one child, and another, and another.  Much too often, we settle for surviving.  At home, at work, with friends, with family.  When instead, we have the potential to reach a level of thriving.  And this course opened my eyes to that potential."
                                        --Chad Danley, Administrator, marketing    More Patients

"All of the material was presented on a level that therapist, doctors and administrators could understand.  I liked talking about personal experiences, it made it real.  I learned how to connect up with people, 'R.T.E.C.' and how to help teachers recognize their students visual stresses."  (RTEC is our proprietary communication technique)
                                        --Vision Therapist   More Patients

"As a student, I have learned a tremendous amount of information that I would not have otherwise been exposed to at school.  This was a master class in effective in communication marketing and patient management in which Thomas and Amee gave me the tools I need to be successful at what I am passionate about."  (A student rate is available)
                                        --Tom Chwe, O.D. (an SCO student at the time of the course)

FREE STUFF - plus our E-newsletter   Click here to subscribe now. 
We know doctors want to be certain we are the right choice for consulting help.  Get to know us and sample some of the materials, guides and even occasional videos we provide.  Something new and valuable in every issue of our (occasional) Free E-newsletter. 

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