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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the consultation cost?  Our consultation and training have developed over three decades, this ongoing process allows us to provide extraordinary services at a workable rate.  The exact fee depends on what services you choose.  You can call us or email us for a private quote by clicking the Contact Us page.  Or call us at 760-686-4648.

Financing:  We self-finance for full consultations.  A third down (currently $8,000) the balance is paid monthly.  Course tuitions are due prior to the course or workshop.  We accept most major credit cards and recommend that clients notify their credit provider of any large transaction.

(Set up a free consultation.)

How soon can I expect to earn back the cost (Return on Investment)?  Results vary depending on doctor commitment and details of the practice setting, but our clients consistently report that they earn back the cost of the consultation and training within 3 to 4 weeks in the form unexpected new therapy cases.  See Success Stories.

Why should I choose you over another consultant?  Although there are many consulting firms for optometrists, only two have consistently produced great results for vision therapy practices.  Why choose ours?  Our approach is highly systematic, focuses on having staff (not the doctor) do most of the patient preparation and community outreach marketing, and we also provide software to make it easier for staff to do marketing, reports, communications, workshops and other aspects of practice building. 

You will discover that our system focuses on communication that touches peoples' hearts in a way that's easy and natural.  Our step-by-step-by-step system is designed so that doctors only see VT candidates after they have indicated strong acceptance of therapy, including its cost and time demands.  The most valuable asset of any practice is doctor time.  See How We Work

Can I speak with some of your clients?  Many of our past clients are pleased to speak with doctors about us.  Contact us for the names of doctors whose practices were similar.

I've already used another consultant, will your method conflict?  No.  In fact, we have found that our method usually increases the effectiveness of what you've already learned and gets the staff to contribute more.  Clients who have used both VT consultants say our methods, materials, practice restructuring and strong internal and external marketing training have been extremely useful in multiplying the effectiveness of what they've already implemented.  They are also surprised that they can get great results without resorting to a "selling" approach.

I have new, untrained staff, should I train them before you arrive?  Our experience has been that once some staff people have learned one way of operating a practice, they often resist making any changes.  In practices where we worked with new, untrained staff, we found that new staff often did better at implementation because they didn't have to unlearn what they'd been taught before.  Many staffing issues are handled in the phone consulting prior to our course and in office consultation and training.

You seem to put a lot of emphasis on staff?  Amazing effectiveness with staff is one of the key elements that distinguishes us.  Our objective is to have staff carry the therapy practice forward rather than the doctor always having to push.  Doctor time is the most precious of all practice resources.  We want the doctor to spend time only on the most productive areas of patient care delivery, not waste it on "selling" VT or doing elaborate management chores.  In many ways, this is leadership training for the doctor.

I'm concerned about managed care, how will this help? We find it is easier to build a strong therapy practice in a managed care practice than in any other setting.  We think discounts given managed care plans should be considered a patient acquisition cost (like marketing and advertising).  But the structure that makes managed care cash flow work actually undermines therapy.  In our method, you use what we call "triage", "differential appointing" and our "More Multiples" primary care case presentation not only to make therapy thrive, but your per-patient revenue for all third party and private pay patients rises as well.  A common outcome for our clients is that as they use our primary care system, net improves and they are able to drop slow or low-paying plans. 

I'd really like to have a private-pay, therapy only practice. Yes you can do that using our system, with the proviso that you will use the system to vigorously pursue professional networking, active community outreach marketing and building a powerful and consistent referral network.  We'll show you exactly how to do it and we'll provide the materials, PR training, and other essentials you'll need to succeed.

I just can't seem to make VT work, how will you do any better?  We've found that most doctors who have tried and failed to make VT thrive do not have a system in place to make it work.  Internal and external marketing is ineffective or the patient flow does not allow time for the parent to come to see for themselves that the problem is vision and that the doctor has the cure. 

Over nearly four decades, we've helped many ODs restructure their practice's patient intake process so that VT thrives.  It's not magic and takes training and a new way of thinking and operating, but the method quickly pays for itself.

I can't get therapists trained when I need them, can you help?  We developed our therapist training program just for practices like yours.  We come to you, tune the training to your approach, provide detailed, support manuals, and cover the basic elements of three levels of therapy using your office, equipment and staff.  When you grow fast, you need this kind of training to avoid putting a damper on new enrollments.  Check out the training section if you want more detail.  Lyna Dyson, COVT of the year in 2010, has developed and delivers training.  Please contact her directly at visionhlp@juno.com.

We have a group practice, will this work?  We've worked with many multiple doctor practices and often find that each doctor has different interests and specialties.  Our system and training actually enables all the doctors in a practice to cooperate and coordinate their efforts so each gets more of what they want from the practice, plus both increased gross and net.  We teach a way of doing case presentation that dramatically increase patient compliance with ALL doctor recommendations.  Our case presentation and More Multiples method immediately increases staff production, particularly in the dispensary.  We recommend that all doctors communicate with us before the consultation and training so we can fine tune our training to fulfill everyone in the group's expectations. 

I'm so far behind on reports, can you help?  Our NETwork software makes basic reports fast and easy.  And we've added a method to combine your NETwork info (parent, educators or professionals who work with a child) with patient data and gender with your existing reports to make them easier to produce.  You can get basic reports done in minutes. 

I'm a brand new practitioner, can you help?  Good news, if you're  a student or a recent graduate, you can call for feedback and guidance as you plan your career --  AT NO COST.  Optometry has been very good to us and we consider helping new practitioners get started in VT as the best possible way to give something back.  See Success Stories for new practitioner comments.  We also provide no interest financing for balances.

I've been thinking about retirement, what can you do for me?  Our system is a wonderful way to restructure a practice to help long-established doctors gain more free time, or to prepare for or facilitate combining with an associate.   Many of our established clients require highly individualized consultation and training, something our 3 decades of experience makes very effective.  It's also an excellent way to add structure and value to a practice as you near retirement and get ready to sell.  A VT practice (or the VT department of a primary care practice) has little resale value unless it operates with a system that allows a new doctor to step right in without relying on the previous doctor's presence.

I'm interested in just a portion of what you do.  Yes, we do break out segments of our consultation so you can have focused, brief and intensive help.  For those who have used other consultants, for example, you might like to implement just our patient flow structure, or just troubleshoot a specific problem..   Contact us for more information or to discuss exactly what you need.

Do you ever speak at meetings, forums or congresses?  Yes.  We have done this many times and get high scores because we include details of implementation, something program chairs tell us that many consultants leave out.  See Continuing Education for details.

Who are you guys?  Thomas Lecoq, Lyna Dyson and Amee Lecoq have more than 80 years of combined experience in behavioral / developmental optometry.  Lecoq Practice Development has been consulting and training since 1985, and Thomas worked on practice development at OEP Foundation for 4 years before that.  We have been developing and enhancing our system for a long time.  You'll like it. See Who We Are for more.


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