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The Essential Communication Course for Vision Therapy
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Ideal Vision Institute
Quick Start VT Course
A clinical course in two weekend sessions give optometrist and staff, the basic clinical skill required to diagnose and treat basic visual skills cases.  Case presentation, testing and core business and fee information.  Exceptional training for doctor and therapists. 





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Practice Development                                    

     For nearly 40 years, Lecoq Practice Development has served VT ODs.  We've studied what makes some wildly successful, and others just so-so.  And we've integrated what we've learned into a complete system you can learn and use.
     Every great practice has a system in place so that every potential patient gets the messages and experience they need to resolve money, insurance and time issues, then eagerly signs up for Vision Therapy. 

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     The system makes sure that powerful communication happens  every time, for every parent and patient, and from every contact with doctor and staff

     MARKETING  How to get the word out in your community to generate patients and referrals.  No selling, low cost methods, executed mostly by staff.

     MESSAGE  Learn a soft and professional way to connect so parents and patients see for themselves that vision is the issue and that YOU have the solution.  ZERO HARD SELL!

     STEP by STEP  Have a powerful intake system with +90%  enrollment into VT programs of care.  Implement by stages. A year of support for you and staff.

     DOCTOR COACHING  Powerful case presentation, community outreach, leadership and tools to keep the system in place.

     STAFF DEVELOPMENT  Build teamwork and mutual respect, training in VT enrollment, marketing, patient handling.  Therapist training available in your office or through the Ideal Vision Institute.

     SUPPORT  12 months of phone, online support, nine volumes of detailed instruction manuals, videos, forms and hundreds of digital files for marketing, future staff training.

     STATE OF THE ART  The system is constantly under development and improvement, including getting the most from social media and free marketing methods and tools.

     GROUP COURSES OR ON-SITE   Take courses on-site, or with others, hosted by a doctor who uses our system.  Personalized training is done at your office, with your staff.

     LASTS A LIFETIME  You'll use what you learn for your entire career.  Cut years of trial and error or piecing together tidbits from CE lectures and articles.

     PRIMARY CARE OR VT ONLY  The system is adjustable for either, with particular expertise into seamlessly integrating VT into a primary care setting.  Cold startups, special help for new practitioners.

     ACT NOW  Start with a phone call or email.  Tell us what you want to accomplish and we'll give you a head start in a complimentary call or email exchange.  Have the practice you've always wanted, get the help and system you'll need to make it happen.  Text or call Amee Lecoq at (760)686-4648. Email Tom at visionisfuture@yahoo.com

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Lecoq Practice Development
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