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    Practice Development


Addressing full scope and primary care issues:

Delivering full-scope vision care is important to many optometrists. To satisfy that desire , we've developed special elements of our system to make sure the whole practice thrives.  (Set up a free consultation.)

The problem with full scope and managed care is that the patient flow and management structure that makes that kind of practice work usually suppresses vision therapy.

We teach you and your staff to implement a "dual structure" so that potential VT patients are detected during a "triage." General patients get the time they need and VT candidates receive the special information, preparation, and evaluation time so doctor sees only those who are highly likely to enroll in therapy.

For general patients: Doctor time is the critical limiting factor in any practice. Spend too little on general patients and your revenue per patient drops--so does patient compliance with your recommendations. We teach a system of triage and differential appointing that gives you just the right amount of time with each and every patient.

No other VT oriented consultant offers the methods, communications and case presentation method we do to accomplish the following:
     --Greatly increase the value and productivity of staff.
     --Use doctor time only for the most productive patient care activities.
     --Dramatically increase general revenue, especially the net.
     --Consistently generate VT patients in the chair from your general patient base.
     --Use managed care to build a powerful VT referral base and strong VT patient load.
     --Increase VT patient signup success to near 100 percent.
     --Produce notably higher per patient revenue and net from your general practice, especially from multiple pairs.
     --Increase patient compliance with ALL your recommendations.

Multiple Rx: We teach an exclusive way to dramatically increase your multiple pair sales--without selling. Most doctors increase 4 to 8 percent with most going into Net income starting the day you first use it.

History Is Everything: In a general practice, if you don't detect the problem, no prescription will be given. We provide a history form and way for staff to take history that not only finds potential vision and performance problems, it also helps prepare the patient so they are expecting your recommendations. This has a profound impact on patient compliance with all your recommendations. The form has been developed and proven over a decade by amazingly successful doctors.

Case Presentation and Forms: We teach the "Talk" for the chair. This unique way of presenting your findings enables patients to understand both the meaning and the impact of the problems you found. You get a special patient report that walks you through this process, plus our unique MultiRx form that has proven to increase multiples compliance during over 18 years of development and use.

Preparing VT Candidates: We train your reception person how to detect potential VT cases, and how to prepare them for the possibility of therapy. They know how much it costs, what it can do for them, and exactly how your intake process works. And if they want to know more, your receptionist will know how to get them to a workshop or to information that will have them arrive seeking therapy. We don't want doctors to waste time seeing patients they "hope" will sign up.

Staff Communications that Count: We teach your staff to communicate in a consistent and effective way with each patient. Everyone tells the same story so patients grasp the importance to them of taking action on ALL doctor recommendations. Non-technical, patient centered-  our way of speaking really connects with your patients.

Structure holds gains in place: We provide forms that guide staff through each step without memorizing scripts, yet make sure every communication is made at every step. We also provide you with a literal map of YOUR practice's organization and flow so you can quickly get new staff up to speed and effective. This map guides you and your manager(s) during the implementation process. And our unique forms and checklists let you monitor staff performance without resorting to the statistical methods that often produce sabotage and resistance.


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