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Raising Sign-up rates:

Increasing the number of vision therapy signups:  This is the most common objective among our clients.  To be able to convert a parent from an uninformed and doubtful candidate into a committed, paid in full vision therapy case is a fundamental skill that every doctor and practice must master.  Failure here means low VT enrollment numbers, poor completion rates and years of frustration by doctor and staff.  It is also a cause of managed care "muscling" out VT.

What's  the solution?  Although it's important for doctors to be able to deliver the message during an exam so that patients get the value of and need for VT, it's not enough.  In our system, we don't want the doctor to spend time with a patient unless they are already committed to VT.  To accomplish this, we focus our training and structure on the staff.  If the staff properly identifies and prepares candidates, the sign-up rate is naturally higher.  (Set up a free consultation.)

What has people sign up for VT?  We find that it generally takes between 1.5 to 3 hours of communication for a parent or adult patient to choose to enroll in VT.  What pushes them over the brink is a structure for communication at every point where your potential patient contacts you, your staff or practice.  That is one of the most important qualities of our system.

By the time the parent/patient sees the doctor, they already know that vision is the problem and that you have the solution.  They know because our system brings them to that realization not through selling, but through a natural conversation without a hint of selling or manipulation.  An approach staff and doctor both find comfortable. 

R.T.E.C.  This approach is what we call the R.T.E.C.  Every client we've worked with appreciates that it is not only highly professional and effective, but that it's also very human.  The R.T.E.C. gives anyone who uses it the ability to get to the heart of the true emotional issues, the issues that actually move parents and patients to say yes to therapy.

Overcoming Insurance Issues:  If you wait until the sign-up session to handle this issue, it's very hard to overcome.  As part of our structured sequence of communications this issue handled starting from the very first phone call.  We encourage most clients to use the method to convert to 100 percent private pay. 

Not only that, but you'll also find you no longer have to carry the entire burden of enrolling therapy patients.  Your staff will become a powerful source of new therapy enrollments.

Doubtful Dads?  When both parents can't come in until the last enrollment conference, it's common for the parent who has missed the previous sessions to be full of doubt (usually the dad).  Although we'll teach you how to overcome that, when it happens you'll find that after experiencing the step by step process we teach, the wife will be your strongest ally in helping dad to know VT is a must. 

Step-by-step-by-step:  We'll teach you and your staff our amazing step by step by step intake and enrollment process.  Our teaching method has staff not only become enthusiastic about adopting this "work smart, not hard" approach, you'll also see and hear them work out the details of how to put it in place.  Many clients tell us they really liked that our approach got staff members excited about working as a team.

Raise VT completion rates too:  One key and exclusive step in our sign-up method is designed to get to the most important reason for starting AND FINISHING therapy.  Stop the dropouts.

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