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       Practice Development


Who we are:

Thomas Lecoq worked more than 10 years as a newspaper business writer/editor and as a public relations professional. In early 1982, he became Communications Director for Optometric Extension Program Foundation where he wrote many of the brochures about VT that are still being published today.  He also did public relations for OEP to get the word out about vision therapy.  He has written about and lectured for OEP, COVD, Optometric Management and the Journal of the AOA on practice development.  This is his 39th year of helping start or expand VT practices.  In 2018, Thomas won the COVD's Making Vision Therapy Visable for his work teaching how to communicate the therapy message so parents and patients come to see for themselves that vision is the problem and that the doctor has the solution.   visionisfuture@yahoo.com

Like all our associates, Thomas had a life altering experience with vision therapy and after working at OEP, decided to help doctors start and build vision therapy practices so more people could know about and get the same help he had received.

Amee Lecoq  Leads the workshops and seminars and conducts on site consulting and training.  Provides staff and computer training including Vision Therapy Administrators or other staff in how to conduct the marketing and community outreach activities.  She also provides onsite training, telephone support and online help with implementation.  She had spent more than a decade in both marketing research work and in customer service before joining Thomas in 2006.  Amee is Mr. Lecoq's daughter and has played a big role in developing, teaching and editing many of the written materials that are provided in the system.    idealvt1@verizon.net

Dyson, COVT
delivers our in-office vision therapist training. She is an educator by training and was principal at a Southern California elementary school where she saw firsthand what vision therapy could do. She switched careers and after more than a decade of training and service in San Diego therapy practices, is now chief vision therapist for Don Janiuk, O.D., FCOVD. Lyna is active in the assistants program for COVD and has also co-taught OEP therapist courses.   


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Lecoq Practice Development
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CONTACT US BY PHONE:     760-686-4648
Email  Amee Lecoq: idealvt1@verizon.net 
Email  Thomas Lecoq:  visionisfuture@yahoo.com
For Therapist Training, Lyna Dyson:  visionhlp@juno.com
FAX  760-262-3172


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